Advice and engineering

Do you have an underground infrastructure challenge? We will gladly collaborate with you.

Advice and engineering

As a society are we greatly dependent on the abundance of underground cables and piping. They make sure we always have drinking water, internet and electricity. However, the underground infrastructure is often overlooked during these projects, even though there is a truly complex world under our roads, footpaths, parking spaces, dykes and pastures.

If there is ‘kink in the cable’ during a project, the electricity cannot be simply cut off for a day. Neither do you want the surrounding area to be unexpectedly left with no internet access. This doesn’t have to be the case with the right underground specialist at your side. We take care of all the engineering for cables and piping for your projects. If so desired, we will also take responsibility for the full engineering of overhead powerlines. Think of, for example, your supply and discharge lines to the tank.

Complete engineering also involves us carrying out feasibility studies and routes studies. This also includes all environmental research When a route has been selected we develop it right down to the details, including general drawings, detail drawings and we make all the necessary calculations. We offer you unlimited access to specialist knowledge in the areas of strength, pressure drop, hydraulics/water hammer, RIVM magnetic field zones, EMC and thermal influences.

Do you want to be certain that the right licences are applied for? Or do you want to have clear specification and tender documents? We offer guidance for the whole tender process and advise you with the selection of the contractor.

Specific problems require specific solutions. With all our technical know-how are we able to provide you with the most efficient solutions, tailored to your particular needs. We advise on technical matters, while taking account of all relative aspects such as soil, the environment, water, third-party cables and piping, and other peripheral aspects.

The energy transition is probably also the highest priority to you and to your customers. It is good to know that, as a long-term front runner, we will be pleased to guide you during concrete projects and/or when drawing up a programme.

The following is a summary of our services:

Haalbaarheidsstudies en tracéstudies inclusief alle omgevingsonderzoeken

Tracé engineering inclusief overzichtstekeningen en detailtekeningen

Specialistische kennis op het gebied van sterkte, drukval, hydraulica/waterslag, RIVM magneetveldzone, EMC (Unity Check) en thermische beïnvloeding

Begeleiding en advisering bij aanbestedingen

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