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Asset management

As a grid owner you are obliged to take care of your grids. The new laws, liberalisation and the separation of infrastructures require a new management method. To put it shortly, this comes down to clear and well-organised cable and piping management for everyone. But how do you bring this piece of asset management to a successful conclusion?

The arrival of the WIBON (Law on Information Exchange Aboveground and Underground Grids) has helped provide some clarity in cable and piping management. The law was created to prevent excavation damage to cables and piping in the Netherlands. Many grid owners outsource this work. We take care of all the registration and processing of excavation reports for you.

When your grid has been put in place, it is important that it is maintained well. Therefore, you can rely on our 24/7 service organisation. Should a grid cable, pipe or piping be inadvertently damaged, or if they no longer work due to other circumstances, you can count on us. We also carry out normal management tasks, including grid adaptations as a result of damage, the necessary re-routing and the connection of new customers.

Asset management helps to bring certainty and reliability within your organisation. Carefully processing excavation reports, processing excavation damage, cable and piping management tasks and drawing up service level agreements (SLA) are all a part of this work.

Grid owners can come to us for advice and support. We do this for management, maintenance activities and business processes. We can assist you by fully taking over asset management activities.

The following is a summary of our services:

Administrative management: all administrative management of the cable and piping grid such as location management, contract management, ownership registration, WION, quality monitoring and legal processing

Operational management: ensuring continuity of the cable and piping grid

Tactical management: analysis of your current grid for optimisation

Strategic management: assuring a future-proof infrastructure by drawing up a strategic management plan

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