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Project management

Do you have an underground infrastructure challenge? We will gladly collaborate with you. 

Project management

It is highly unfortunate if a project is delayed because of inconveniently placed cables and piping that have to be moved first. This is why it is important to involve the underground infrastructure right from the start with area development. We then minimise the likelihood of planning problems and financial setbacks.

Talk about smart project management. Identifying the presence of cables and piping is still one of the most important steps in area development. Knowing about the presence of cables and piping from the start gives you better control of time, risks and costs.

We do not only identify the cables and piping within the project area; we also examine the shared areas between these cables and piping and clearly picture the design. When the shared areas are known, we know what this actually means for your project. The opportunities and risks are now clear, and on this basis we establish the most advantageous re-routing and compensation processes.

Experience teaches us that professional project management brings the necessary serenity (and cost savings!) to challenging projects. Do you want your concerns taken care of during the tender phase and during the realisation of a project? Our experienced cable and piping specialists will be pleased to take responsibility for the coordination tasks. We consult closely with grid operators when draw up re-routing plans (including cost estimates and project conformity) and set the required turnaround times.

We provided the following services to parties including (semi-) government institutions, ProRail, engineering offices, grid operators, contractors or project development companies:

Planning and process guidance

Guidance with, advice on and drawing up documents for tenders

Coordination of cables and piping in projects, management and supervision

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