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Do you have a (sustainable) energy challenge? We will gladly collaborate with you.


The energy transition is happening right now. Energy is becoming increasingly important, while we are using more and more energy in our daily lives. Obviously, we want sustainable energy. The basis for achieving this is the sound construction of your cables and piping.

The energy transition is bringing major changes. There is heavy investment in sustainable energy with solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen. Reusing residual products such as industrial heat for district heating and CO2 emissions for supplying to greenhouses is also increasing.

Due to the higher demand for electricity and also because of the spread of generators of electricity ‘making a smart grid’, existing electricity grids must be adapted and newly laid. However, this must be done in an intelligent manner, requiring  sustainable approach and line of thinking.

Quick Scan for Electrical Influences

We can quickly and simply calculate whether there are impermissible influences from objects in the environment such as pipelines (NEN3654). To do this we have developed the Quick Scan Electrical Influences. Would you like to know more? Contact us or visit www.unitycheck.nl.

We support you in all phases, from drawing up the plans to management. We can also take care of the engineering for you. The following are examples of specific services we can provide:

Influence calculations NEN3654 (‘Quick Scan Electrical Influences’) and HSWI (rail)

RIVM magnetic field zone calculations

Thermal influences

Step and touch voltages

Cable weldability

System design

Station automatisation

The design of drilling and jacking

Our services

Are you looking for a partner to build future-proof grids for you? We have expertise in cables and piping for low, medium and high voltage installations (electrics), station automation (electrics), rail-associated cables and piping, CO2, heat/cold (district heating) and hydrogen . Our committed and flexible team is at your service. We work on leading projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

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