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There are many developments happening in the field of water. You will probably come up against all sorts of issues to counter wastage and contamination. Piping plays an unmistakably large part here. But how do you make sure that everything concerning drinking water, waste water and sewage, drainage, industrial water and fire extinguishing water is sustainably controlled?

Both climate change and industry have a major impact on water: it is becoming increasingly scarce and extra steps will have to be taken to purify the water. Climate change also means that we have to drain away surplus water to prevent flooding. As for drinking water transport: this requires the greatest of care to avoid contamination. The transport of waste water must be organised in a manner that prevents soil contamination.

We support you in all project phases, from drawing up the plans to management. The following are examples of specific activities that we can provide:

Strength calculations in conformity with PED and NEN3650/3651

Pressure drop calculations

Hydraulic and water hammer calculations

The design of drilling and jacking

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Knowledge of water pipelines and sewage is of vital importance to successfully accommodate all these developments. We have this knowledge in-house and provide design and advisory services for piping. This expertise covers, for example, drinking water, waste water and sewage, drainage, industrial water and fire extinguishing water. We can take care of all your concerns with our many years of experience. Our committed and flexible team is always at your service. We work on leading projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

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