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Many Dutch local authorities, provinces and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management are working on challenging and complex projects. These are projects in which underground cables and piping are a major factor. On top of that, energy transition is a hot topic. So, how can you ensure that the projects become a sustainable success story?

Expertise is required to obtain a smart underground infrastructure. The Netherlands wants to eliminate the use of gas by 2050, which means that everyone will have to think about the possibilities of reusing of the gas grid. We will also have to look at other ways of cooking and heating. The construction of new grids and the adaptation of existing ones will be needed to achieve this. This means extra underground activity.

Water management in the city and the environment in general is another important topic for government institutions. to counter climate change. Cables and piping are being shifted, while extra drainage possibilities to remove water from the towns and cities are also being considered. And many more interesting developments are under way to boot.

The following is a summary of our services for local authorities, provinces, district water boards and the Rijkswaterstaat:

Planning and process guidance

Authoring and advice concerning project conformity, contract formation, general conditions and compensation

Cases of excavation damage

Carrying out environmental investigations

Cable and piping engineering

Guidance with, advice on and drawing up documents for tenders

Coordination of cables and piping in projects, management and supervision

Specialist technical advice

Control of and advice with licence applications

Our services

Do you want the assistance of a cable and piping expert when creating your planning and policy? Or are you in need of project and environmental management? We offer full solutions in all phases of a project. Our committed and flexible team is always at your service. We work on prominent projects at home and abroad.


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