Oil, Gas & Chemicals

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Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Renewable sources are on the rise. But we still can’t get by without fossil fuels. This is exactly why it is important within the industry to lay piping as safely and efficiently as possible. Are you in search of a partner with sufficient expertise to help you?

The background: in Europe we depend on oil and gas reserves from countries outside of Europe. Our own stocks are becoming depleted, and abstraction is being limited by the awareness of environmental risks, such as the earthquakes in Groningen.

One of the most important sectors of Dutch industry is the oil refinery business. This oil industry is largely concentrated around the port of Rotterdam. This is where the crude oil arrives enters Europe, and this is also the location of the largest and most modern refineries in Europe. The pipelines form the connection with the Maasvlakte and the Port of Antwerp, being the arteries of the industry.

Knowledge of oil and gas pipelines in the Netherlands is of vital importance to keep the industry running. And because this is such a complex matter, you want to be able to count on expertise. We have this knowledge in-house and can provide you with advice. We supply designs for both oil and gas pipelines and other industrial piping.

We support you in all phases, from drawing up the plans to management. Specifically for oil, gas and chemicals we have the expertise in-house to carry out:

Strength calculations in conformity with PED and NEN3650/3651

Pressure drop calculations

The production of isometrics

The acquisition of Design Appraisal Documents

The design of drilling and jacking

Design of steel-in-steel systems

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We have expertise in piping including low and high-pressure gas, kerosene, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Our committed and flexible team is always at your service. We work on leading projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

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