Grid operator

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Grid operator

Today’s grids are sustainable and managed in a socially responsible manner. Cooperation with other grid operators and authorities is a must in order to have the lowest environmental impact possible, and to complete projects within a socially justifiable budget. But how do you make sure that everything concerning your grids is efficiently and effectively controlled?

Our underground infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex as the years pass. This is why the greatest of care is required when considering subjects such as ‘maintenance and replacement policy’, ‘building new and sustainable grids’ and ‘changing grids for the energy transition’.

We can arrange your projects right down to the smallest detail because we already look at the specific subjects from an early stage. We also encourage integral cooperation between grid operators for efficiency purposes. We then carry out the engineering and guidance of projects simultaneously and in a combined manner. It goes without saying that you can count on specialist technical advice during all phases of the project.

The following is a summary of our services for grid operators:

Planning and process guidance

Authoring and advice concerning claims settlements and re-routing regulations (concessions)

Authoring and advice concerning project conformity, contract formation, general conditions and compensation

Cases of excavation damage

Carrying out environmental investigations

Cable and piping engineering

Guidance with, advice on and drawing up documents for tenders

Coordination, management and supervision during the works

Specialist technical advice

Applications and advice for licences

Grid management

Our services

Are you in search of a specialist to assist you with all aspects of your grid, from planning and design up to and including maintenance and management? We are ready to advise you with a committed and flexible team. We work on prominent projects at home and abroad.


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