Corporate Social Responsibility

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 Future generations must also have the opportunity to grow in a world in which their surroundings, the environment and the climate are in balance. This is why welfare growth must have a sustainable basis. Corporate social responsibility is one of our core values and a permanent factor in our business operations. What does this mean in real terms?

Since 2011, our focus has been very deliberately on sustainable entrepreneurship. We drew up a policy plan for our business operations in relation to energy consumption, paper use, mobility and social commitment.

We have been working at modern offices since 2008. Insulation measures were taken and the building is heated by a centrally-controlled climate control system. We use energy and paper economically. Our ink cartridges are collected for the AAP foundation.

In social terms we also have a commitment to society. Each year during the Christmas period, we make a donation to a good cause in the region.

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