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Are you dealing with a challenging environmental law issue? We will gladly collaborate with you.


The underground infrastructure in the Netherlands is a costly affair. Bear in mind that there is some 1,800,000 km of underground cables and piping in our country. Each year, cables and piping are damaged during some 20% of all excavation activities. That means approximately 35,000 cases. So it goes without saying that you must have everything well-arranged from a legal perspective.

Within our field of work the legal aspects are at least as important as the technical solutions. This is why we have a department within our organisation with comprehensive legal knowledge in the field of cables and piping.

When everything is legally covered you can calmly carry on doing what you are best at. We have extensive knowledge of environmental law and specialise in cables and piping. Our specialised jurists translate complex legal issues into useable solutions. This is ideal if you need project support, environmental investigations and/or advice on (complex) issues. But you can also call on us if you need a partner to take care of all your legal concerns.

The authorities, grid operators, contractors and engineering offices use us as the link between the various parties involved. The following is a summary of our services:

Authoring and advice concerning claims settlements and re-routing regulation (concessions)

Authoring and advice concerning project conformity, contract formation, general conditions and compensation.

Verification of compensation claims

Carrying out environmental investigations and quickscans: soil, ecology, live explosives and archaeology

Processing excavation damage

Licence management

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